The Beginning Of The Cookie Diet

The cookie diet is one of the most talked about diets on the market. Before you decide whether you like or dislike the cookie diet, it is important to find out how the cookie diet was conceived.

Dr. Sanford Siegal is the creator of the famed cookie diet. He began as a medical practitioner in 1957 dealing with patients that needed help in many ways. The more patients he saw, the more he realized how overweight many of them were and how it led to other health problems.

He felt like the needed to be the one to help them lose the weight they needed to overcome their ailing health. He started treating patients specifically for obesity issues rather than health issues in general and by 1960 he was having such success he decided to do it full time.

Although the cookie diet wasn’t even part of his vocabulary yet, he had a variety of methods that helped with the treatment of obesity. He used his knowledge of low calorie diets as well as exercise and appetite suppressant medications. He also studied the effects of high fiber diets. He wrote a book detailing his findings called Dr. Siegal’s Natural Fiber Permanent Weight Loss Diet. Even after his patients started losing weight due to his diet plans, he was never fully satisfied. That’s what led him to the beginning of the cookie diet.

Over time he studied foods and food components such as carbs, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fat as well as a combination of each. He quickly figured out which foods were more effective to help control hunger. He used friends and family, as well as himself as a way to gauge his products and correctly identify the best hunger controlling foods. He developed the formula that he thought was perfect. It contained amino acids formed in the shape of a cookie. Hence the cookie diet began to take shape.

He chose the cookie as his first meal because it was portable and easy to store. He later came up with shakes and soups to go along with the cookie diet. Over time other cookie diets have emerged but none with the same formula or hunger suppressing cookies as he proudly has. He knew the cookie diet would work and he wasn’t surprised one bit when the effectiveness was shown in the amount of people who called and requested the cookie diet. It has been 32 years now, and over 500,000 people have now tried it and succeeded.

His patients were all too willing to try the cookie diet and were thrilled that their hunger was significantly reduced and after they reached their goal, the cookie maintenance diet continued to control their hunger. Word of mouth spread quickly and within just a few years of opening his clinics grew and patients took notice. It hasn’t stopped for him since, the cookie diet is still running strong and people are still coming from everywhere to try it.