How The Smart For Life Cookie Diet works!

It’s hard to believe that you can lose weight eating a diet of nothing but cookies, but it’s true. The cookie diet was made because Sanford Siegal, who had been studying obese patients, decided that instead of treating patients for the health problems that obesity had caused, he started treating them just for obesity.

Over time, he took what he knew about exercise, diets, and medications that suppress the appetites, along with the effects of high fiber diets, and wrote a book about his findings. His patients were losing weight, and they were happy about it, but he still wanted more.

He did a comprehensive study of proteins, carbs, vitamins, fat, minerals and carbs individually, as well as what happened when two or more were combined, and found out which of them were the best at controlling hunger. Using himself, family and friends, he was able to figure out what controlled hunger the best and made the ingredients into the shape of a cookie.

How the cookie diet works is that over the course of a day, the people on the diet eat six cookies, when they are hungry. The only meal that they eat during the day other than the cookies is dinner. The dinner consists of six ounces of some type of protein, like turkey, chicken, seafood, or other types of fish and one cup of nutritious vegetables. The lean meat that the person eats is one of the main reasons why the people who are on the cookie diet lose weight. You only consume about eight hundred calories a day, which is one of the reasons why you lose weight on this diet.

There’s no drugs in the cookies to suppress your hunger – all of the suppressing comes from the way that they are made. The cookies are made with whole wheat flour, oats, bran, and rice, and the ingredients are what keep people from being hungry and eating more. Along with the cookies and your dinner, you take vitamins so that your body gets everything it needs to stay healthy.

People are losing weight on this diet – sometimes up to fifteen pounds each month, and they are doing it without feeling hungry. Like any diet, the first few days on the diet are difficult, but people are pleasantly surprised at the results that they are seeing.

Imagine being able to eat cookies and still lose weight. Magic? No, just the ingenuity of a doctor who figured out the right combination of things to make it happen!